Alison & Hugh’s Handmade Things

Historical Interpretation and Demonstrations of Traditional Skills

We provide high quality Historical Interpretation & Demonstrations of traditional skills.

Alison spinning
Alison demonstrates spinning with a drop spindle.

Visitors will learn things like the connection between the Black Death and furniture design, or the reason why rain means we used to have colonies, and that wood is not just wood, nor is wool just wool.

medieval demonstration tent with wallpaintings
Our demonstration tent with wallpaintings.

Whether you want a fifteenth-century wood carver in an historic church as part of a wider battle re-enactment, a Roman woodworker in a city centre, a medieval textile worker in the grounds of a castle or a prosperous seventeenth century Goodman and his wife in the grounds of an historic house, we can provide that; either in our own tent (suitably furnished & decorated) or in another building.

Traditional skills we demonstrate:

Wood carving
Green woodworking
Spinning & textiles
Seamstress & sewing
Dyes and dyestuffs

A medieval carpenter with his tools
A medieval carpenter with his tools.